Each year, dozens of changes to our tax law are being promulgated. Even large companies find they need to employ external tax consultants. In this environment, what chance do the smaller to medium businesses have? Innovative Accounting Solutions offers both a standalone tax consultancy offering and an end-to-end full finance, tax and accounting outsource solution.

The closer we can get to your business, the more savings we can garner for you. Savings come both from your tax bill and from your cost management. Through our consultation and implementation of new strategies, and advice on tax, we not only save you money but bring about greater understanding and productivity in your financial and administrative affairs.

We help organisations like yours to understand the process of paying tax and advise you on how to manage tax so that you do not pay one cent more than is necessary – and enjoy a problem-free relationship with the South African Revenue Service (SARS). By demystifying your tax affairs for you, we remove the fear and anxiety that inhibits your organisation from focusing entirely on their core marketing and operations functions.

We are so confident of our ability to save you money on your tax bill that we will consult and advise you how much we can save – before you even sign up as a client!


All individuals are conscious of the fact that they must pay tax, but from our experience many people have either mixed feelings or show outright fear towards the South African Revenue Services. At Innovative Accounting Solutions, we set up a free consultation with individual clients and offer advice which is both accurate and affordable. This consultation will answer your questions: “Why do I have to pay tax?” and more importantly “How much will I pay?”, and finally, “How will I afford my tax bill?”

To date we have successfully saved our clients (corporate and individual) more than R15 million in tax.

Minimally, we will address your fear of SARS by liaising with them on your behalf. We have vast experience of tax legislation and in filing tax returns. We will guide and educate you so that you never again experience anxiety in dealing with officialdom.

We do not short-change SARS. We firmly believe every taxpayer must pay their due. However, many people pay too much tax because nobody has educated them as to their correct tax rate, or what deductions they can claim or how to structure their assets and affairs in the most tax-efficient manner.

For anyone in arrears or difficulty with SARS, come to Innovative Accounting Solutions. We assure you of the best possible outcome.

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